Rating all the Books i’ve Read during Quarantine

I have never liked reading. By the time I was done reading and writing essays for classes, the last thing I wanted to do was read for fun. But I saw everyone on Instagram taking on reading challenges during quarantine, so I decided i’d read a few books and see how it goes. Well aContinue reading “Rating all the Books i’ve Read during Quarantine”

6 Photography Mistakes I used to make

I’ve never taken any photography classes, everything i’ve learned, i’ve learned by doing it wrong first. And i think anybody who’s ever gotten into photography has experience going back and looking at their earlier stuff and screaming. There were some pretty severe photography sins that i used to commit, that i feel like i’ve overcomeContinue reading “6 Photography Mistakes I used to make”

Camping at Salt Creek / December 2020

Salt Creek is one of my favorite camping spots in the Olympic National park. The beach scenery is absolutely incredible. Overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and mountains all year long. The park provides access to sandy beaches, upland forests, rocky bluffs, and several trails. The recreation area complete with a baseball field, basketball court,Continue reading “Camping at Salt Creek / December 2020”

5 Websites to get Free No Copyright Music

We are currently in the age where video is one of the biggest marketing tools. Getting no-copyright music for videos can be almost as time consuming as actually editing the video! Here’s my shortcut to an killer music timeline in premiere. No Copyright Playlist: Iv’e created a Youtube Playlist of no copyright music for myContinue reading “5 Websites to get Free No Copyright Music”

Dungeness Spit, Sequim

To be honest, it’s freezing, the scenery just isn’t really a thing right now. It’s almost winter and everything is dead.. But we took a trip to one of the coolest places, and Dani’s handstands deserve recognition! lol The went to the Dungeness Spit, which is a long sand spit jutting out approximately 5 milesContinue reading “Dungeness Spit, Sequim”