Why I moved to California

Six weeks ago my family and I left Washington and made the move to California. My initial posture towards this idea was “California? Why would we move there? Isn’t it just a overpoppulated expensive state?” As a teenager who had an chill community in Washington and a life she quite enjoyed, this attitude was toContinue reading “Why I moved to California”

10 Scenic Places to Visit in Washington

My top ten most beautiful photography locations in WA state. 1. Lake Angeles There are multiple trailheads that lead to this gorgeous turquoise blue lake in the middle of the serene wilderness. The easiest way to get here is through the lake angles trailhead, it’s an easy, peaceful walk through the olympic national park. SwimmingContinue reading “10 Scenic Places to Visit in Washington”

puravida bracelets haul 🌺

If you haven’t already heard about PV from their Instagram ambassadors. PV is a Costa Rican bracelet brand, that got famous very quickly from trendy things like tiktok, outer banks, vsco and influencers. Puravida’s pricing is up there. A little higher than dupes you can get on amazon.. however, the wax coating on these isContinue reading “puravida bracelets haul 🌺”

Crystal Creek Falls / Waterfall Hike in California

📍 Whiskeytown, CA There are dozens of beautiful waterfalls dotting the Northern California landscape. On Sunday, I took the drive to Whiskeytown. Most of the trip there we don’t get cell phone service so there’s no excuses! This trip pretty much gives you no other option than to live in the moment and enjoy theContinue reading “Crystal Creek Falls / Waterfall Hike in California”

Road Trip to California / Photography

We’re in California! Road tripping in the winter is definitely full of overcast snowy, windy, rainy days. But we made it to Cali. I’m super stoked to finally see sunshine after such a long time! This is one of the most gorgeous states for sure. So far I’ve been to: Mt. Ashland(very good snowy skiContinue reading “Road Trip to California / Photography”

I Quit Social Media for a Month

Social media became the new great addiction of our modern age, it is similar to alcohol, gambling and drugs. Notifications likes and new followers release dopamine in our brains and we get addicted to that feeling. Social media companies are well aware of that and designed their platforms to keep us on them as longContinue reading “I Quit Social Media for a Month”

Exploring Abandoned WWII Bunkers

📍 Fort Worden Last Saturday we drove to the Fort Worden state park. I lived right across the street from this place for years. It’s a historical state park located in Port Townsend, Washington, on 433 acres originally known as a United States Army Coast Artillery Corps base constructed to protect Puget Sound from invasionContinue reading “Exploring Abandoned WWII Bunkers”

I let my little sister dye my hair red

I finally found a somewhat non-toxic hair dye. it’s called Herbatint. The only bad ingredient is PPD. It could could be worse. So we got it. And it worked so well. Maybe too well. I and my little sister vlogged it. If I could go back, I’d definitely go a 5R instead of full onContinue reading “I let my little sister dye my hair red”