Christmas / Photography

Downtown Port Angeles has some really creepy vibes, like.. taken at a Harry Potter movie set or something. And everything in downtown PA has this retro blue/green color which makes for great edits. Especially with Christmas lights everywhere. What this clock pic doesn’t show is the homeless man a few feet away who was convincedContinue reading “Christmas / Photography”

Camping at Salt Creek / December 2020

Salt Creek is one of my favorite camping spots in the Olympic National park. The beach scenery is absolutely incredible. Overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and mountains all year long. The park provides access to sandy beaches, upland forests, rocky bluffs, and several trails. The recreation area complete with a baseball field, basketball court,Continue reading “Camping at Salt Creek / December 2020”

5 Gorgeous places to visit in Colorado

I love Colorado. Definitely one of my favorite states! Especially during winter. All the abandoned mine ghost towns, ski spots, rivers, lakes and stunning sunsets, along with being surrounded by mountains everywhere is the coolest feeling. Living in Colorado for two years I was able to visit a ton of beautiful places in this state,Continue reading “5 Gorgeous places to visit in Colorado”

5 Websites to get Free No Copyright Music

We are currently in the age where video is one of the biggest marketing tools. Getting no-copyright music for videos can be almost as time consuming as actually editing the video! Here’s my shortcut to an killer music timeline in premiere. No Copyright Playlist: Iv’e created a Youtube Playlist of no copyright music for myContinue reading “5 Websites to get Free No Copyright Music”

Dungeness Spit, Sequim

To be honest, it’s freezing, the scenery just isn’t really a thing right now. It’s almost winter and everything is dead.. But we took a trip to one of the coolest places, and Dani’s handstands deserve recognition! lol The went to the Dungeness Spit, which is a long sand spit jutting out approximately 5 milesContinue reading “Dungeness Spit, Sequim”

Camping in the Mountains: Video

In early September, I and my friends went on an amazing mountain backpacking trip. I already have a blog post about the entire trip, which is full of awesome photography that me and Ella took of the entire journey that you can read here. After our trip, I had a whole grand plan of puttingContinue reading “Camping in the Mountains: Video”

Fall Road Trip + US Election

The US is pretty intense right now. We are coming up on the end of 2nd election day. Biden is in lead, however, MI, AZ and a few other states are suspected of rampant overnight voter fraud. So honestly, we’ll see what happens eventually. God is in control. Jesus still sits on the throne. SoContinue reading “Fall Road Trip + US Election”

Olympic National Park / Roosevelt elk

Doing a photoshoot at the pumpkin patch + picking out a pumpkin is something I and my family do every year. However this year was a little weird. I found a pumpkin patch on google, drove 20ish minutes to this place, it looked very run down (probably abandoned?) definitely not inhabited whatsoever. So.. no pumpkinContinue reading “Olympic National Park / Roosevelt elk”

Vintage Photo Apps to make Pics look Retro

Ever since Stranger Things made a huge hit, people have been obsessed with the 80s and retro stuff – including me. The neon blues and moody reds are so classy. These are 7 apps I’ve found with the best retro filters, grain, colors and great lighting alterations I use to get the quicker edits. QuickContinue reading “Vintage Photo Apps to make Pics look Retro”