How to be more Productive

If you truly want to create something great, all of your attention has to be at one specific task for long periods of time. Our attention became the new currency in this modern world there are now more distractions than ever before screaming for our attention. tiktok cell phones the internet social media emails annoyingContinue reading “How to be more Productive”

Why I moved to California

Six weeks ago my family and I left Washington and made the move to California. My initial posture towards this idea was “California? Why would we move there? Isn’t it just a overpoppulated expensive state?” As a teenager who had an chill community in Washington and a life she quite enjoyed, this attitude was toContinue reading “Why I moved to California”

10 Scenic Places to Visit in Washington

My top ten most beautiful photography locations in WA state. 1. Lake Angeles There are multiple trailheads that lead to this gorgeous turquoise blue lake in the middle of the serene wilderness. The easiest way to get here is through the lake angles trailhead, it’s an easy, peaceful walk through the olympic national park. SwimmingContinue reading “10 Scenic Places to Visit in Washington”

puravida bracelets haul 🌺

If you haven’t already heard about PV from their Instagram ambassadors. PV is a Costa Rican bracelet brand, that got famous very quickly from trendy things like tiktok, outer banks, vsco and influencers. Puravida’s pricing is up there. A little higher than dupes you can get on amazon.. however, the wax coating on these isContinue reading “puravida bracelets haul 🌺”

Rating all the Books i’ve Read during Quarantine

I have never liked reading. By the time I was done reading and writing essays for classes, the last thing I wanted to do was read for fun. But I saw everyone on Instagram taking on reading challenges during quarantine, so I decided i’d read a few books and see how it goes. Well aContinue reading “Rating all the Books i’ve Read during Quarantine”