How to be Happy / 5 Tips everyone should know

In my nineteen years on this planet. I think I’ve reached a point where I really am happy. With where I’m at. With how I’m doing. With where I want to go. And I don’t even know where that is. 

If you are a teen or in college. I personally believe that is the hardest time to feel content.
I mean you have all the pressure of school and exams and work and social life and parents pressuring you potentially. It’s hard to be happy. 

So despite all of this. Today I am going to give you some tips that I believe will make you a happier person.

Tip 1. Smile!

Smile excessively at everyone. I think this is a trait that I’ve always had. As a child if I saw a stranger I would just smile at them. Just give them a little “I acknowledge your existence and I hope you have a good day”. And I know Covid has made mask mandates in a lot of places, so smiles aren’t even being seen anymore. But I think smiling just makes you a happier person. It really does. Your programming your subconscious to be a little more positive. Just by changing a bit of your face. 

Tip 2. You have to learn to ignore popularity.

And as a teenager you might not even realize your doing it. But I think everyone secretly wants to be popular. Everyone wants to have loads of friends. And everyone wants to be in a good social circle. We want to be viewed by other people as having a good social circle. Seeking popularity and climbing up this grand social ladder hierarchy is really decremental I think. Because your starting to corrupt your ideals based on what other people are thinking about you. I’ve actually found that if you can ignore popularity in a way. That inadvertently makes you more popular. I think people love authenticity. I don’t think people want people being fake. It might seem that way. It might seem that the most popular people are the ones who are constantly talking about people behind other peoples backs and stuff like that. But that is short term. That’s not going to last. That is short term popularity. If you can stay true to yourself and continue to be social with others. You’re going to be so much happier. Seeking popularity is not going to make you happy. It’s not.

Tip 3. Eliminate toxic people.

That can be friends. It can be people in past relationships that you’ve had. I don’t think people realize that toxic people drain your energy so much. Especially if you’re just trying to be pleasant around these toxic people. That can actually drain your energy more because your putting on a facade, your hiding how you truly feel. And all that emotion pent up is not helping you. The most difficult part is eliminating them. That is the hardest. But you need to put yourself first. Definitely. And if you can surround yourself with people who are going to raise you up, encourage you to do things that you love and that are good for you and have you’re best intentions at heart. Then you are going to be happier. And you’re going to grow more as a person. 

Tip 4. You are enough.

You’re enough. Yes. I don’t care if you’re not getting the grades that your parents want you to get. I don’t really care if you’re not some amazingly tiny, fit, athletic person who is modelesque. No. You are enough ok? You. And you don’t need to change for other people. You don’t need to make other people happy by changing aspects of yourself. If you can understand that you are enough and that you’re doing everything in your power to align your actions with your values and what you believe. Then that will make you happier. That will make you happy.

Tip 5. Invest in yourself.

 And by investing in yourself I mean do things that you love. That make your heart sing. And don’t sacrifice those things that you love for things such as school or what other people say or think. And another way to truly invest in yourself is to invest time in cultivating yourself and improving you and self-confidence. And when I say improving you I don’t mean the outward, physical improvements. No. I mean like improve your skills, improve the way that you interact with people. Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. That actually makes you happy. And I think that a lot of people think that going out of your comfort zone will do the opposite. 

I hope that you are happy. In yourself. In your life. And if you’re not, that’s okay. And you can get there. Everyone has those days. I have them too. That’s okay. 

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