Best Eco Friendly Clothing Brands | for hiking/running/workouts

This last year I drove into the world of being ethical and creating less waste. I have a long way to go, but by shopping with a less consumer-like mindset we have so much more power in a consumer-driven world.

These 5 are just a few of many ethical and sustainable brands out there. And I own a few pieces from all of these brands and recommend them 10/10!

1. Patagonia


Patagonia makes some of the most durable pieces in the outdoor industry. And 1% of all sales go to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Patagonia guarantees everything they make. If you are not satisfied with one of the products at the time you receive it, or if one of their products does not perform to your satisfaction, you can return it. Patagonia has an incredible repair, replacement or refund program.

2. Vuori


Vuori is my go-to clothing brand for anything active. Their materials are moisture-wicking and so soft + comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Vuori is commited to creating ethical products with positive impacts for the environment, their customers and the individuals who help create it.

3. Prana


Prana is such a simple, flattering brand. I love their t-shirts and their pants are super durable + great for rock climbing outdoors. All Prana pieces are sustainably sourced and follow the 5 Freedoms Act. Protecting the health and safety of factory workers.

4. REI


Every brand REI partners with in sales is sustainable. REI has tons of store locations in every state in the US. I specifically love that their clothing + shoes all come from brands with strong ethics regarding their sourcing, materials and labor. They have a 1 year sales return policy + REI has an awesome 10% rewards program.

5. Fjallraven


You may have heard of Fjallraven for their trendy kanken backpacks. But this Swedish company makes durable, high quality outdoors gear and clothing. Their coats are seriously storm-proof. As an outdoor company Fjallraven considers nature when designing their items: choosing material, and facility production. Their products stand the test of time and are the most heavy-duty, built to last pieces I own.

Happy Thanksgving!

It’s been a fun week learning about the cool things these brands do!

Tomorrow is Black Friday and Prana + Vuori will be having some sweet deals on their items.

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