Being Homeschooled vs. Public School

So lately a lot of strange, creepy things have been popping up on social media for me. Most of it has to do with celebrities, the media industry and kids.

It got me to reflect on my own childhood, and how as a kid, most of our life revolves around school, our social life and what’s “trendy”.

This past weekend Travis Scott’s astroworld concert apparently had some sort of satanic rituals. Which I’m not going to get into, because frankly I don’t know much. But it got me thinking about my school, and how everyone was really into Travis, his music, and Kylie Jenner lip kits. Which, call me crazy, but the photo of Kylie covered in blood on IG was also pretty freakish and looked satanic.

On the flip side. Homeschooling is looked down upon as crunchy and “shields your kids from the hardships of life”.

Lets do a little deep dive here:

1. School isn’t actually teaching anything important.

Like seriously. What do kids really learn in school? And I’m talking, important life skills here.

Not the “If I pass this class, I’ll get a good GPA. And if I get a good GPA, I’ll get to college. But I don’t actually care about this. So as soon as I pass it, I’ll forget it”

?! That philosophy in the grand scheme isn’t truly helping kids achieve anything. In fact. It is so confusing.

And when you aren’t studying at school or doing homework after school. You’re trying to keep your social circle alive by talking about school..

Public school expects every kid to learn every subject, using the same curriculum, at the same pace. And if the kid learns too “slow”, or doesn’t “sit still” well enough, or acts “too energetic” then the kid apparently has problems.

2. What actually matters in childhood?

What do you think when you imagine a great childhood?

For me its:

  • going camping with my family
  • playing capture the flag with my friends
  • building forts in the woods
  • climbing trees with my sister
  • sailing in the summertime
  • running around with sparklers on 4th of july

Having fun. That’s what matters to kids. My childhood bucketlist never had “pass finals” or “score an A in english” or “finish essay about great depression” on it.

When we’re having fun. And living a fulfilling life. We learn so much from our surroundings, and the people around us, and the places we see.

3. Mental health issues are trendy

When I went to high school, having mental health problems, and having health issues in general was somehow “cool”?! I don’t even understand it.

While in homeschool group. Being tough was cool. Acting strong was cool. Wilderness survival classes, eating bugs, making spears out of branches, was really cool.

4. Homeschooling is healthy.

When raising children, we should focus on what is their character like? Do they have good habits? Are they hard workers? Are they skillful? How is their imagination? These are the things that matter more.

And public school is routine, it’s very linear. Life is complex and difficult and needs creativity.

This is such an awesome topic that I would love to talk about more!

Watch the TED talks Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson & Hackschooling makes me happy | Logan LaPlante | TEDxUniversityofNevada & Whidbey Island Waldorf School.

So good!!

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