Q & A | Life, photograpy, rock climbing etc.

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Lets get to the questions:


Country or City?

I love everything about country life! I loved my childhood. It was wholesome, simple and we had a lot of family time. But I definitely love visiting a big city once in a while!


Tips on dealing with envy?

Whenever envy shows up for me I always refer to the chapter in colossians about love: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. In this God is teaching us that envy is the devil. Because we are called to be Christ-like, and to love others!


Do you stick to a pretty strict schedule or do you go with the flow?

Somewhere in the middle- I have routines I follow each day, but I’m flexible with the times in which they get done


What age are you thinking of retiring?

Never! I’m trying to do as much as physically possible whilst I’m alive 😁


Thoughts on Republic dating a Democrat?

Never date someone who doesn’t hold the same values as you.


Do you have tattoos or plan on getting any?

I think small dainty ones are super pretty but I don’t think id ever get one. It is such a big commitment and I just don’t trust myself to have something permanently on my body forever.


Tips on becoming less selfish?

Work on yourself. It will be hard. And you will fail. Acts 20:35 says: Giving brings a far greater gift than receiving! You get to decide to do better next time and not hold yourself hostage to your mistakes.


Favorite Christmas movie?

All the old school films

Miracle on 34th st

White Christmas

Elf is really good


Thoughts on modesty?

I think it’s a personal conviction. Are you wearing that clothes for you? Or are you trying to get somebody’s attention? Society promotes sexy. Scripture promotes holy. Holy is beautiful. Choose beauty through holiness, not attention through sexiness.


Trying to get a guy that doesn’t seem interested. Tips?

Don’t chase someone who doesn’t chase you back


Instagram engagement tips?

I’m still learning this one! Things that have helped me:

  • Location post consistently
  • Reach out to collab
  • Do Q&As
  • post often
  • Tag brands/companies in your posts + stories, this “builds a relationship” with them
  • Have a cohesive feed
  • Engage! + Join engagement groups on FB
  • Stick to a specific theme/niche
  • Invest in quality gear + photography
  • post genuine content


What is most important to you?

Family and freedom!


Why do girls want guys who are bad for them?

Haha, honestly this goes for both sexes! When we’re with someone “bad” it’s exciting. In a world where everything is predictable, I think we find reckless and carefree people so exciting. When we’re with someone who’s “good” for us, it can get boring and simple. Especially if your not yet mature enough to be content without constant commotion.


What did you want to be as a kid?

I read a ton of wildlife magazines and watched a ton of nature documentaries growing up. So I think I always had a sense that videography, journalism and animals were my passion.


What laptop do you edit on?

Asus notebook PC. Works great, speedy + affordable. In the near future I’d love to get a MacBook pro


Favorite song?

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

My favorite artists are Lord Huron, Kanye West, Novo Amor, Bazzi, Lana Del Rey, Hollow Coves


How do you scout locations to travel to?

Instagram! I follow people on here who share tons of super cool places. + Doing research and talking to locals! The locals always know all the cool spots


Tips for living that #Eurolife?

It’s been so long since I’ve lived in Europe. But some guidelines would be:

  • Ride a bike
  • Birkenstocks
  • Refer to vacation as holiday
  • Drink many small coffees every day
  • Don’t make a spectacle of yourself in public
  • Go easy on clothing with logos
  • If in doubt, wear all black and sneakers
  • Spell color like this: Colour
  • Care about fresh baked bakery bread
  • Move into a smaller house or apartment
  • Hang dry your clothes
  • Get comfortable with public nudity


Were you a rebellious teenager?

Haha! No actually I wasn’t. My parents are super chill hippies that let me and my sister do whatever, whenever. Most teens act out because they’re testing their parents boundaries, so I guess we never had any boundaries to rebel against


Thoughts on “I’m not like other girls”

Automatically setting up women as your competition and saying that your special in comparison to them is a false sense of entitlement


Relationship/friendship red flags?

This is an awesome question!

  • When you don’t feel comfortable being yourself or being truthful around them
  • If you feel drained & worse leaving them then when you came
  • If they’re constantly pressuring you to do things you are not comfortable with
  • They don’t stand by your decisions/don’t respect you
  • They act immaturely

And trust your intuition when it comes to all your relationships. Everyone needs friends that will lift them up not push them down!


Fav place you’ve ever been!

Vail, Colorado!


What is your political party?

Republican 100%


What are some creative things you do to spice up the “blah days”?

Ditch the books and go outside! Seriously. This solves most problems for me. That and food


Are you single?

Yes lol


Are you going to uni?

No, studying for 4 years isn’t exciting to me + costed too much. Getting certifications in certain skills is a lot cheaper and faster


How did you start rock climbing?

I started climbing at the gym in Redding, CA with my sister. And found a local community there which mentored me into outdoor climbing. I think climbing is a very social sport, get out there and talk to the people at your gym + create community


Favorite holiday? Why?

Probably a tie between Christmas and 4th of July. I just love the summer energy, schools out, the night sky full of fireworks, BBQs, celebrating the freedom of America! + Christmastime is so cozy, the lights, the festivals, people are joyful, celebration of family and God!


Filmography tips & tricks?

Some good tips I wish I knew sooner:

  • film on camera grid line
  • pick an aesthetic
  • if you’re referencing something, you need a visual/b-roll
  • limit b-roll clips to 2-3 seconds
  • it’s better to overshoot than undershoot
  • don’t use the same clip twice
  • don’t stack panning clips together
  • switch up your zoom lengths
  • background audio shouldn’t compete with your primary audio


How tall are you?



What’s your dream job?

Full time photographer/film maker creating content for a living! + Outdoor education is a huge passion of mine.


Favorite adventure you have gone on?

Road trip to the south with my fam as a teenager! It was a blast


What are you looking forward to?

I love this question! I am looking forward to:

  • visiting my family in Ukraine in the next year or so
  • getting more skilled at rock climbing
  • going on more road trips
  • improving my photography and investing in better gear
  • getting my outdoor education certification


Hardest part about rock climbing?

Conditioning. Constant work. And the hand blisters are pretty rough.


Random, but why did your parents choose the name Sophia? It’s so pretty🤍

Thank you!! My dad named me after the actress Sophia Loren 🙂


Playing video games?

I don’t get the video game thing.. It is an issue for some people and mutual hobby for others. My stance is the fact that it can so easily become an addiction. So use in moderation and if you cant do that then it’s a hard no from me.


How many children do you want?

I love kids! Probably 3-5


Sad about being single. Tips?

Don’t ever wait for another person to make your life better. That’s your job


Tips for struggling with anxiety?

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it. The key is to calm yourself down. Things that help me:

  • journaling
  • exercising (running, rock climbing, workouts etc)
  • taking a walk
  • being in nature
  • working on a project that gets me out of my head


What kind of clothes should I pack for a PNW winter?

Lots of layers! This is what I suggest:

  • base layers (smartwool merino wool is a favorite)
  • mid layer (like a sweater)
  • puffy (I wear a patagonia nano puff)
  • shell. Def water proof
  • base layer pants (I just wear leggings)
  • rain pants or hiking pants
  • good boots
  • wool socks
  • hat, gloves etc
  • bathing suit and towel


Planner/journal ideas?

I love bullet journaling. You make it how you want it and you can change it anytime. I keep mine very basic and minimal.

  • intentions
  • things to be praying for
  • books to read

Instead of writing a diary, I keep it very short and sweet = no gossip


What made you want to start this acc?

I wanted a place to store and share my thoughts + all my pictures & adventures!


Did you like Highschool?

Public school? Honestly I only went for a like 1 year and I only did electives. I loved it!


Favorite durable climbing pants?

The Prana summit jogger pants. They do run a bit short! I’m 5’8 so that’s a common issue for me


Do you have any pets?

Not currently. I love horses and they are a huge passion of mine! I’d love to get my own dog, raise it from a little pup and bring it on all my adventures, but there are so many regulations about taking dogs on planes and to national parks


When men text “hey” or “hey what’s up” thoughts?

Don’t let a man communicate with you like he’s talking to a random bro. If you know him in real life, bring it up “hey, you text like a chad and it’s weird” he should cut the choppy texting. Men who constantly text you “hey” and “what’s up” but do not plan dates, should not get a response after about a day and a half. How you are treated is more important than how much you like someone.


What inspired you to be so “old school”?

I’m a person that really likes tradition. I think it gives a lot of clarity and it gives you connection. I think it’s very special to do what people did before you.


Why do you never cuss?

I try not to cuss. It doesn’t always happen that way. John 6:45 says: A good man produces good out of the the storeroom of his heart, for his mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart. In this God teaches us that words are powerful and easily influence those around us. What message do you want your words to send to those around you?


Where do you want to buy land and build a home?

Alaska is on the table. Montana, Idaho or Colorado are probably where we would actually look for property’s. We are looking for land on which we can have multiple tiny living structures, ground water rights to dig a well or pump from a permanent water source and can pretty much live off the grid. A minimum of five acres.


Why are you barefoot so often?

There’s a lot of health (both physical and mental) benefits associated with walking barefoot. Also I just think shoes are annoying. That being said, I would never go backpacking on dangerous, uneven terrain without some decent hiking boots, there is always a limit


How do you learn photography?

I watched tons of YouTube, especially Peter McKinnon. Join FB groups, I learned a ton about camera settings from there. And practice! Roam around and shoot everything.


Tips to live a less tiring and overstimulated lifestyle

I love this question! Things that helped me:

  • Time limit on app that drains you most: tiktok, Instagram
  • No cable, watch shows and movies on your laptop
  • Don’t keep track of the news or watch news shows on tv
  • Declutter your junk spaces, clean out your storage, get rid of random stuff you don’t need


What to pack for a road trip?

Snacks, layers, rain jacket, headlamp, sunscreen, portable charger, multi-tool, mini first aid kit, bear spray


Where do you live?

Southern Oregon!


What do you like + dislike about Oregon?

Things I like: our distinct seasons, lakes, the ocean, the woods, the fields, the farms, the rivers, the emphasis on local food. I’d say the people here are introverted, the politicians are pretty bad, and there are tons of weed farms + drug farmers because everything is legal in OR


Baby names you like for future kids?

Hmm. I love Ivy or Indie for a girl and Leo is super cute for a boy


What do you do to calm yourself down when you’re stressed?

Take a walk! + Get off social media

Breathe, spend time prayer, take a walk in nature. I love this from exodus:

God goes before you and fights your battles. Exodus 23:20 says: See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.


Things money can’t buy?

Manners. Morals. Respect. Character. Common sense. Trust. Patience. Class. Integrity. Love.


Finance tips?

  • Make a budget.
  • I have weekly finance meetings with myself. I check where my bank balance is at + what I’ve spent money on, and identify things I could/should pull back on.
  • I don’t make purchases without fully considering the need for the item/service
  • Spend the extra/discretionary income very wisely.
  • Finding ways to save. That could be waiting for a sale on a big purchase item, using coupons, buying second hand etc.
  • Re-evaluate your subscriptions each month. If you don’t use it regularly, get rid of it.


Favorite movie?

I can’t pick one! My favorites are

  • Gone with the Wind
  • Dances with Wolves
  • The hunger games
  • 1917
  • The Book Thief
  • Little House on the Prairie Series
  • Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman series
  • Into the West miniseries

Honestly anything historical!


How long have you been riding horses?

I started riding when I was 4 or 5 doing it on and off. I didn’t take horses seriously until I was in my teens. Lets just say it’s been quite the journey..


What is your and Donna’s age difference?

3 years and 8 months. I’m older


How do you manage your personal photos? I have so many it’s overwhelming

It’s hard for sure. I Have a hard drive with all my folders, sorted with dates and location info. From there I create organized albums in Google photos that I can send out with date + shoot details. This system seems to be working for me right now 👍


Why did you leave CA?

We couldn’t find a house. The rental market is terrible everywhere, but especially WA, OR, CA. Also the fires destroy homes every summer. We are so lucky to find a place here in OR.


Do you workout?

I love being active! Hiking, running, climbing. I’m not especially fond of gym gear workouts.. it just feels.. unnatural? to me


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl! I love staying up late


Night routine?

It depends on the day and if I’m working or not. I love to get home, take a shower, make some tea and get in my bed to watch a movie or scroll ig and tiktok


Thoughts on dating as a teenager?

Personally I’m all for it! However it depends on a lot of things.. maturity is a big one. As long as your wise with your boundaries and you guard your heart, I say go for it. That being said.. don’t just date the first person who asks you out lol. Know your value, date someone who loves you & set those boundaries!!


Favorite things to do in Ashland!

Go to Jacksonville, it is so old western! Ashland is cool, very party-town, night life, drinking + the restaurants are so good. Lithia park has great trails, acid castles hike has a super cool overlook. And the Applegate area is about an hour away, and has tons more nature to explore.


Do you plan on staying in Oregon for the rest of your life or do you want to move?

I definitely plan to move eventually. Oregon is gorgeous, especially the coast. But I want land and horses and wilderness not weed farms


How to deal with judgement?

People don’t have to like you, and you don’t have to care


Do you have your own place or are you living at home?

I live with my parents + sister


What’s your favorite animal?

I would have to say the wolf. The pack mentality is unparalleled. When traveling the strongest will stay in the rear to make sure none get left behind. They tend to keep the older and younger wolves in the middle of the column for better protection


What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

I cannot imagine myself being 30.. honestly I have 0 clue what 10 years would look like for me. Maybe married with a few kids? + a cool job teaching something I’m passionate about like photography or the outdoor industry?


If you had to leave Oregon where would you go?

Alaska or Hawaii!


What’s your fav thing to shoot?

Animals and landscapes! Especially wildlife


Which app do you use for editing?

Lightroom and Photoshop for photos and premiere pro for videos


What’s your go to healthy breakfast meal to get your day started?

My favorites are:

  • Avocado toast
  • Pancakes w/ yogurt + maple syrup
  • Oatmeal + cinnamon + raisins w/ milk
  • eggs


How old are you?



What would you tell a younger self?

I’d say chill out. Don’t be so shy. Don’t be so stressed. Stop worrying about random things you can’t change


Someone who inspires you

Sadie Robertson!

Will Witt and Candace Owens are also fabulous role models


What is your favorite time era?

I love the 70s + 80s for the fashion and hippy vibe. But I love the 40s and 50s for the music, their classy clothes, how innocent everything was, the cars, diners. The no phone type of life. So much fun!


Alright that’s a wrap! I loved these questions and hope to do another one on IG soon!


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