5 Tips for Hair Health

These are the things that really helped my hair go from dry, with split ends + frizz to feeling healthy and nourished.

1. Get a shower filter ~

Tap water is almost always hard water with traces of hair harming agents like chlorine and chloramine.

2. Vitamin D ~

Getting enough sunshine + outdoor time is very important for overall health, but also for hair health. Low vitamin D levels can lead to hair loss + brittle hair over time.

3. Minerals ~

Most of us have some form of stress in our lives coupled with our poor food quality here in the US. it is so common for people to be low in minerals, which is so important for hair health. Diet is always top priority in this situation. If you need extra help, high quality shilajit is a great supplement to utilize.

4. Bedding + pillow case ~

I found that switching to the detergent that I use now helped my hair a lot.. we rarely think about the chemicals from our detergent lingering on our bedding and affecting our skin and hair. I noticed it helped reduce any itchiness + scalp dryness that I had.

5. Limit heat use ~

I used to constantly curl or straighten my hair. It really damaged it and proceeded to split my ends. I now limit my heat tool use to once per week. And If I want to feel fancy, I’ll go on pinterest or YouTube to find a cool hairstyle which usually takes less time than a full head of curls! + no damage done.


Sophie Lukin

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