How to be more Productive

If you truly want to create something great, all of your attention has to be at one specific task for long periods of time.

Our attention became the new currency in this modern world there are now more distractions than ever before screaming for our attention.

  • tiktok
  • cell phones
  • the internet
  • social media
  • emails
  • annoying co-workers

In order to fix this you have to remove all kinds of toxic temptations which could possibly distract you from your work because if you don’t even have the option to indulge in these distracting activities, you will require a lot less willpower to withstand procrastination.

What really worked for me was to just set aside specific amounts of uninterrupted time to work on a project or task, so for me that would be two different work blocks throughout the day so it would be from eight until 12 am and from 1:30 until 7 pm and in these time frames i just get rid of all of these temptations in order to focus on one single task.

So what can you do to drown out all of this noise?

  • Wear headphones, it just shows other people that you’re doing some focused work and you just don’t want to talk right now.
  • Switch your phone into flight mode and put it in a place that you can’t immediately reach.
  • Turn off notifications that don’t require immediate attention so especially social media and emails, also when you are at your pc or laptop try to cut out all sorts of distractions, it might be whatsapp, instagram dms, or other messengers.

Just get started. Not feeling inspired is like one of the most common excuses that everybody uses in terms of creative work and I’ve used it a hundred times.

Action is not the result of inspiration or motivation because inspiration often comes from taking action so it’s not really a linear process but more of a loop of those three things: inspiration, motivation and action, and each of these parts just reinforces the other one so you should just focus on getting that loop started instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, it’s all about overcoming that very first resistance.

So yeah this is a really helpful tip: just get started, just do it, don’t wait.

Prioritize your time. Time is all about setting priorities and if you actually want to achieve your goals you have to make them a priority and pass on other activities.

I myself make a to-do list every single morning where i just sit down and where i write down the most important tasks that i want to get done today. And when you make your to-do list you should really try to break down your tasks into concrete and achievable steps that lead to a bigger goal so for example instead of saying write video/blog script, you should say: finish intro or video script, or instead of saying apply for job applications you should just write down apply for three jobs, just try to create very realistic and concrete to-do’s that you can actually achieve.

Focus on what you are in control of. In my opinion this is the most important mindset when it comes to building self-discipline and to living an overall happy life.

If there’s something holding you back from doing a specific task just ask yourself the question can i change something about it? If the answer is yes -then find a solution to the problem and if the answer is no -then stop draining all of your attention and energy on this one thing.

If you really want to do photography but don’t have a camera, just look for a solution: save up money, get another job, and work really hard in order to make it happen, if the camera is needed to to achieve the goals, just focus on what you’re in control of! You can do so much more and you will become really really disciplined.

Those are the tips that have worked really well for me. Journaling, and writing things out really keeps me organized. I also recommend taking “breaks” from productivity, going out and having fun is so important!


Sophie Lukin

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