puravida bracelets haul 🌺

If you haven't already heard about PV from their Instagram ambassadors. PV is a Costa Rican bracelet brand, that got famous very quickly from trendy things like tiktok, outer banks, vsco and influencers.

Puravida's pricing is up there. A little higher than dupes you can get on amazon.. however, the wax coating on these is very sturdy and high quality. You can swim, surf, paddleboard etc without worrying about the bracelets falling apart.

And I have a discount code: SOPHIALUKIN20

for 20% off any PV order.

My order:

The first thing I noticed were the free stickers, and woww, they are very cute. I put them on my laptop and yeah, I'm definitely running out sticker space on it. But it looks very beachy.

I got two bracelet packs: the maui pack and the camper pack by courtney steves. And I love them both, the designs are gorgeous, and very well made.

The last two things were the twin peaks bracelet, which is stunning.

And the turquoise necklace.. not my personal favorite. I do love their bracelets a lot more than their other jewelry pieces. But it's cute and I will definitely wear it.

Can't wait for a cali summer. The beaches, and swimming.

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