Crystal Creek Falls / Waterfall Hike in California

📍 Whiskeytown, CA

There are dozens of beautiful waterfalls dotting the Northern California landscape.

On Sunday, I took the drive to Whiskeytown.

Most of the trip there we don’t get cell phone service so there’s no excuses! This trip pretty much gives you no other option than to live in the moment and enjoy the amazing views.

The Road to Whiskeytown is a scenic drive that twists and curves through the forest along lake shasta. Countless California wildfires have scorched the forest along the lake. And every summer the forest burns again, so the trees are never able to fully return.

Once we drive deeper into the forest, everything turns green again.

The hike up the trail is serene and peaceful. You can even take a cool dip in one of the pools. There are several photo opportunities along the way.

If your feeling risky, You can climb up to the top of the falls.

I'm definitely coming back here this summer. This is the perfect place for a swim in the hot California summertime.

I'm planning on exploring so many more waterfalls here in Shasta county. Which I always share on my IG stories, so follow me on there and see check out my vsco for more photos.

vsco gallery


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