Exploring Abandoned WWII Bunkers

📍 Fort Worden

Last Saturday we drove to the Fort Worden state park.

I lived right across the street from this place for years. It’s a historical state park located in Port Townsend, Washington, on 433 acres originally known as a United States Army Coast Artillery Corps base constructed to protect Puget Sound from invasion by sea.

Fort Worden was an active United States Army base from 1902 to 1953. It was purchased by the State of Washington in 1957 to house a juvenile detention facility. In 1971, use was transferred to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and Fort Worden State Park was opened in 1973.

There are 4+ bunker locations in the Fort Worden park specifically and even more in this county. We collectively decided to go to the highest one, up where you can see the view of the entire park, simply because the underground caverns are undoubtedly the best there. However, iv’e been to every one of them and all the bunkers here are exciting to explore.

We found some really creepy graffiti and lots of months/bats up at the ceilings. We heard some weird sounds, maybe ghosts? lol but there were so many of us screaming down there, you couldn’t really tell if there was anything paranormal.

Our only source of light was my 15% battery phone, not very smart, don’t do that if you ever decide to walk through underground caverns at sunset.

And because there was one phone and six people, it definitely got quite spooky when someone lost the group every five seconds.

Nathaniel ended up running into one of the big, rusty metal doors. Ouch. Yeah i’m sure that felt pretty horrible. But he’s so used to constantly hurting himself and bleeding everywhere that he didn’t really care that much. Idk.. it looked pretty bad to me.

We had a super fun time. After we finished our underground exploration, we all went downtown for ice cream at Elevated & pesto pizza at Waterfront. Best places ever.

On the 14th of February, my “month without social media” will be over. I’m gonna talk about that on here in a couple days, because it’s been a great detox from media, and everything on there -which encompasses a lot of things. Yeah, 10/10 recommend getting off of socials for a while, it’s been really nice.


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