I let my little sister dye my hair red

I finally found a somewhat non-toxic hair dye. it’s called Herbatint. The only bad ingredient is PPD. It could could be worse. So we got it. And it worked so well. Maybe too well.

I and my little sister vlogged it.

If I could go back, I’d definitely go a 5R instead of full on going 8R.

My hair is naturally blonde-ish so the dye worked very well. A lot more vibrant than I thought. And now I look like Pippy Longstocking.

But now that iv’e gotten used to being an orange cheeto. It feels a little wierd without my normal hair color. But I think it’s a really cute color. It’s been a few days and the color has faded to a more dark red. I really love it now.

Happy February!


Sophie Lukin

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