Christmas + my Birthday 2020

Happy new year!

2020 was a year everyone went into being very hype and excited and then everything kind of crash and burned.. which is something I have come to terms with at this point, and I know everyone is hoping 2021 will bring back everything that 2020 took away from us, and it will.. eventually.

Christmas was pretty great. We had a ton of Christmas decor, a super rad tree, and the table looked all green and festive. We made salad, squash soup, delicious crepes and pies for desert.

I didn’t bring my camera out much, because I was enjoying the moment you know, but here are some cute polaroid filter pics from my phone.

We got some cute clothes, cute socks, some gift cards. Life was good.

On the 28th I turned 19. Don’t know how I feel honestly. I definitely feel ancient lol.

I had a really fun day in Poulsbo, with pizza and coffee + ice cream at Mora, which is kind of a pricey place but they have hands down the best ice cream, totally worth it.

Well, that’s what I was up to.

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Have a wonderful new year!

Cheers, Sophie

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