Camping at Salt Creek / December 2020

Salt Creek is one of my favorite camping spots in the Olympic National park. The beach scenery is absolutely incredible. Overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and mountains all year long. The park provides access to sandy beaches, upland forests, rocky bluffs, and several trails. The recreation area complete with a baseball field, basketball court, picnic shelter, playground, and horseshoe pits. We had so much fun here this last weekend!

I had a really fun time editing our little video. Big thanks to the bros for keeping my camera alive and filming. It was very stupid to bring a dslr on that climb, but we all survived, camera intact, surprisingly.

We had a really cool hike, got to climb up to the island and see the beautiful views of the Juan de Fuca. I love this place in summer 10/10, the area gets a nice breeze from the ocean so even the hot days are enjoyable. However, in December the weather is extremely cold. Despite me wearing tank tops, I assure you it was 100% freezing.

Preferably don’t do what we did, and actually stay on the designated trails. However, breaking rules is pretty fun so just be safe(ish).

The island is a great place to climb up to when the tide is low, just be aware of the extremely painful barnacles. And the area is a hot spot for kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing. We love camping here. Lots to explore near the water. There and many tide pools. Also a play park for the kiddos. Day use is free, which is amazing.

Ice skating is still closed because of Covid, Along with all my winter activity plans, so getting out and exploring more of our gorgeous state despite the weather was a blast!

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Have a happy holiday season!

Sincerely, Sophie

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