5 Websites to get Free No Copyright Music

We are currently in the age where video is one of the biggest marketing tools. Getting no-copyright music for videos can be almost as time consuming as actually editing the video! Here’s my shortcut to an killer music timeline in premiere.

No Copyright Playlist:

Iv’e created a Youtube Playlist of no copyright music for my film projects. All 100% free download tracks. And i’m constantly adding to it > Here.

And for sfx sound effects. > Epidemic Sound is amazing!

1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is my go-to source for music and -especially- sound effects. A subscription, will grant you access to unlimited downloads, however, each account you create gives you 3 free track downloads. So there’s my little system cheat for you. Sorry not sorry.

2. Music Bed

If you’re looking for an awesome selection of background music for video that sounds more like real music. Musicbed has the most amazing ambient, acoustic music for those earthy vibes.

3. Vlog No Copyright

I love this music distribution company because of their awesome 100% free retro & tropical themed music selection. Their music selection is my go to for seamless transitions!

4. Audio Library

The audio library saves me plenty of time, because they have exactly what i’m looking for: sfx and insanely seamless transition beats. This is one of the best places to get copyright free music. It’s free and super easy to download.

5. No Copyright Sounds

This place can get intense. I’m talking like electro-crazy, so proceed with caution. This place has pretty much everything, which is good and bad. But iv’e found the greatest gems here, so I have to include it! Definitely got some of my favorite tracks from here.

My Favorite No-Copyright Producers

  • LiQWYD
  • Lakey Inspired
  • Tobu
  • Amine Maxwell
  • Kygo
  • Rexlambo
  • Tokyo Music Walker
  • Scott Buckley
  • 27Corazones Beats
  • FlipTunesMusic

If you have any questions. The fastest way to get to me is through Instagram DM!

Happy last day of November!

Cheers, Sophie Lukin

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