Dungeness Spit, Sequim

To be honest, it’s freezing, the scenery just isn’t really a thing right now. It’s almost winter and everything is dead..

But we took a trip to one of the coolest places, and Dani’s handstands deserve recognition! lol

The went to the Dungeness Spit, which is a long sand spit jutting out approximately 5 miles from the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula in northeastern Clallam County, Washington, USA, into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It is the longest natural spit in the United States. The spit is growing in length by about 15 feet per year.

Iv’e been coming to this place my entire life for nature camps. This is a great walk, but if you go in summer, bring water. The crowds dissipate after about mile 1. So, go on, embrace the trek, and you will be rewarded with wonderful views of a lighthouse.

The spit is open to the public year around. In fall/winter it can be extremely chilly, so wear something warm.

This place is absolutely gorgeous, there’s water on both sides of the hike, the view is amazing and there is lots of wildlife, which is what i’m all about! So definitely bring a camera.

I made a little montage video of our day trip to the spit. The weather was very windy and the tide was coming in so I didn’t go all the to the lighthouse. But we had fun taking photos and hiking through the amazing landscape. So it was great time.

As always, my Lightroom presets are in my shop here. The cinematic, moody, retro colors are a vibe! 🌲

I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving! and lets gooo get those deals on black friday! lol

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Sincerely, Sophie Lukin

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