Fall Road Trip + US Election

The US is pretty intense right now. We are coming up on the end of 2nd election day. Biden is in lead, however, MI, AZ and a few other states are suspected of rampant overnight voter fraud. So honestly, we’ll see what happens eventually.

God is in control. Jesus still sits on the throne. So whatever happens is what happens and although it’s hard not to stress it, especially in the midst of all of this, ultimately, we’ve cast our votes, done our part and have no further control of the situation.

But to be honest, I was definitely feeling tipsy today after non stop bingeing election livestreams, so driving out to a place with no internet reception, and foggy mountain views was right up my alley.

The fall colors are insane this year. And the trees aren’t going to stay this stunning for much longer so I am definitely trying to get my fall photo fix while it lasts.

I was attempting to get to the deer park campground, located in the Olympic NP. However, once my phone lost connection to data, and I couldn’t find the entrance to the park anywhere, that plan went down the drain and I resorted to finding gorgeous roadside views and stopping to take photos by the road. Which was fun and incredibly beautiful.

Typical PNW, it has been raining non stop nearly everyday, so i’m thrilled that I got this little trip in today.

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To all the people who care about the US election, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Sincerely, Sophie Lukin

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