Vintage Photo Apps to make Pics look Retro

Ever since Stranger Things made a huge hit, people have been obsessed with the 80s and retro stuff – including me. The neon blues and moody reds are so classy.

These are 7 apps I’ve found with the best retro filters, grain, colors and great lighting alterations I use to get the quicker edits.

Quick tip that saves a ton of time: If you have a Canon. You can use the Canon Connect app to get the pics to your phone without having to go through your laptop.

1. Lightroom

This is the only paid app on this list.

Adobe Lightroom is an incredible app with the most in depth settings and a huge community. Selling and buying presets for Lightroom has become a huge business for influencers and photographers in the past few years, and it’s only getting bigger. So if you’re super serious about media creation, getting into Adobe is a great idea.

I get my Adobe apps through the student plan for $20/month which includes all the CC apps.

My preset store has all 18 of my Lightroom presets that I made and use everyday to color grade.

Preset Store

2. Colourtone

I found Colourtone through a creator on Pinterest. And I love their few free filters, specifically the “retro me” has the best colors. And it takes one tap to add a filter, and it’s free. This app also has a nice variety of image lighting alterations.

3. Prequel

This app has so many free vsco film, vintage and retro filter features. The amount of them is insane! I love these for IG stories because it makes the edits look catchy and interactive. My favorites on here are the film, teal, lapland and super 8. All free.

5. Tezza

Tezza has the best grain that I’ve ever found, and i have been searching for good grain for forever. Tezza also has 6 free filters that have the prettiest light, bright, peachy tones. Especially great for fall photos.

6. Afterlight

This is the app I use for cropping and flipping images to rearrange the photo to get the look i’m going for. It’s 100% free has really great lighting edits, filters and grain.

7. 1967s

This app has tons of free vintage filters. Along with light leaks, overlays and regular lighting adjustments. This app is 100% vintage themed. So you don’t have to go scrolling to find the retro themed edits, they all are, which is nice.

I’m seriously always looking, asking and learning about new apps, tips and tricks. So if you like the way someone on IG or Pinterest edits their photos, I ask them, and bam I found another cool app, because most times, you’ll get an answer.

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Sincerely, Sophie Lukin

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