Moving to Sequim, Washington

I moved to Sequim!

I’ve had no internet connection, on this laptop, for nearly a month, which was incredibly frustrating. But after a few attempts at attaching and downloading an adapter, I am here. And iv’e promptly updated my Photography page. And it’s looking way more put together now, so check out my “Photography” page above.

Anyways, Sequim is so gorgeous.

Sequim is actually especially famous for lavender. The annual July lavender festival was cancelled due to covid. However, the fields of lavender are open to frolic in.

We attempted a retro rustic farm photoshoot. However the edge of the fence we wanted to use for the photos, had a wasp nest. And if those bugs get at you, it hurts bad. So we walked down a dirt road to the rolling raspberry hill’s.

Farm’s are so nostalgic and fun to explore.

Enjoy this little montage of photos.

Graymarsh Farm, is one of my favorite farms in Sequim. I grew up going here. Picking lavender, picking strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. It’s a really fun place to be.

There are a ton of parks and nature trails in Sequim. It’s a very wide open place.

My favorite place in Sequim, by far, is Railroad Bridge Park.

Ever since I discovered this place, on a school field trip, in 6th grade. Iv’e been obsessed with coming here. The bridge is a fun climb and the river has great swimming spots.

Life in Sequim is great so far. And although travel plans are in the works, me and the fam love it here.

Follow my Instagram for more vibrant vintage photos. I’ll be posting more here on my blog and on the gram, now that my internet is back.

Sincerely, Sophia

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