A Day on the Beach

On Sunday it was a sunny, hot and sticky. The Olympic Peninsula has so many beaches, it’s pretty amazing. Especially in Summer. So me, my sis Dani and my mom, drove to a park we haven’t been to for over a year, called Fort Townsend.

First we took the forest trail. Living in the pnw, I don’t get creeped out by being in the woods, but honestly this, was a very dark, creepy trail. There was also no bomb lighting, it was just dark and grainy. So enjoy this spooky tree picture I took elsewhere.

We got pretty deep down the wooded trail, before turning around and heading down the road, to the campground area. Where the trail leads down the cliff, to the rocky beach.

I love the reflection on these rocks.

On the beach, I promptly found a nice log for some photos.

The tide was high. So I wasn’t able to go down the beach very far. We just hung around the rocks and logs, taking in the scenery.

Now that quarantine is over. I hope to go to many more parks I haven’t yet been to. There is something so thrilling about going somewhere for the first time, compared to the less exhilarating feeling of being somewhere you’ve been to a million times. And although this trip was close to home. It gave me that “new” feeling. That was really neat.

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