Camera lenses I use for Photography

I get questions on FB groups. And i’m always personally wondering what lenses people use. So here’s the tea. If you ever wondered how in the world did that (hypothetical) person take such a gorgeous photo on their “crappy” phone? It’s because they figured out how to do it. Getting to know how settings and lighting works, that is how you get a great photo. Lenses make things easier. But you’re taking the image, the lens isn’t doing it for you.

I use a Canon rebel t6i. Canon rebels are popular for a reason. They go for around $500 (good price ngl), settings are easy to adjust, pretty speedy AutoF. And I love Canon’s, it’s a camera I can be very artsy with.

For over a year I only used the lens that came with my camera. And it works great.

But I love animals. And I wanted to get closer without actually getting too close to them. So I bought Canon EF 75-300mm for $200.

My current lenses work great. In the future, of course I want all the fancy snazzy lenses and equipment. But right now this is what I use, and it’s works for me.

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Sincerely, Sophia

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