Fireworks & Midsummer in the Countryside

Summer is flying by! It’s getting really hot. And the world has been a very crazy place.

On the 4th, me and my fam headed over to my grandparents house, where their neighbors had a insane fireworks show for Independence Day. And I got some nice photos.

Berries are my summer vibe. I have been loving berry season. Berries are my favorite food. And having fresh jam for pancakes is delicious. Self picking at a local farm is definitely time-consuming. But being out on a farm, in nature, picking berries for your own jam. That is 100% my vibe.

Being out in the woods alone is fun. But I love watching crime videos on YouTube, honestly more than I love Netflix. And creepy shit happens in the woods. So me and my sister go out to the woods together and have photoshoots. I’m in love with the lighting in these portrait shots.

Anyways, Summer is still rolling. Iv’e spent a lot of time in Adobe premiere pro. Working on my video editing skills, color grading and playing with sound.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Remember to get outside and have fun. Enjoy the outdoors. That’s what summer is about.

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Sincerely, Sophia

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