All my Top Favorite Editing Apps

Everyone loves when their editing work looks sleek, vibrant, airy and aesthetic. I have compiled a list of my current favorite and (importantly) easy to use editing apps I use on my phone and laptop for work, hobby and social media.

Adobe Lightroom

This app is popular for a reason. The extreme diversity of settings can literally make the crappiest photo look good. The ability to create and buy presets makes editing fast, personalized and look very aesthetic.


This is my go-to! It’s a free app. It’s very fast, on my phone, chilling in the car while my mom is driving, easy image touchups. With a assortment of preset options. There is unfortunately no custom preset option and less diversity compared to Lightroom. But it’s 100% free, so A+.

Adobe Photoshop

The best editing software money can buy. All adobe apps take time to figure out, but once you get it down, it’s so worth it. Photoshop is specifically for the big ideas, the special stuff that you can’t do in Lightroom.


This app has great pre-made templates for all your web and social media needs. Canva has a great free version with tons of free templates for all different media platforms. This is my go to. On my phone, very fast, super easy.

Pic Monkey

This is like a simplified photoshop. When I started editing/graphic design, I was very young. My little middle school brain thought photoshop was big and scary. Pic Monkey has a nice amount of options for many editing tasks. It’s not free, but it’s very affordable at $8 per month.


Most people use for bio links. I personally like Milkshake. I think it’s easier and prettier. The pre-made templates are really fast to fill out with your links, photo and words. And it’s free!

So that’s the current list of my go-to favorite editing apps. I love them all and use them daily.

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Sincerely, Sophia

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