How to export highest resolution images in Lightroom

This post is all about how to adjust settings for exporting the highest possible quality image from Lightroom. Saving big high quality jpegs that you can always have in a file, to later resize and change as you wish.

Once you finish making edits to your image, click to export to direct you to saving the photo.

I closed up all the export settings, by clicking the arrows. One at a time, this way I can change settings without being overwhelmed with all the settings open at once.

Export Location:

Choose the location to where you export the photo. I always choose the specific folder option, this way I know exactly which folder my image is going into. This keeps all my images organized.

File Naming:

Choose the file’s name.

File Settings:

Skipping the video tab, as that is N/A. This is the important part. The image format should jpeg. Move the quality slider all the way right to 300, that is going to give you that high resolution, vibrant image.

Image Sizing:

I don’t personally change anything about the image size. This way the photo can save in it’s biggest most beautiful state. So I can always have that original big high res jpeg saved to edit and resize as I wish.

Output Sharpening:

Again, If I need to, I will sharpen my image later, from my saved jpeg.


Skipping Metadata, N/A. You have the option to add a watermark to your image. Note that you need to have uploaded your watermark beforehand.

Post Processing:

You can choose what happens once you click export. You can choose for the image to show up in your explorer, open up in photoshop etc. I personally just let it export so it doesn’t get in the way of what i’m doing next.

These are the settings for a vibrant high resolution image. I had Lightroom for months with the quality setting at 60 percent. Ouch. Definitely living a better life now that my images are exported correctly!

Sincerely, Sophia

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