Summer Self Care

Summer is almost here. Most fairs, festivals, events and gatherings have been cancelled this year. I usually spend my summer getting ready for our county fair (horse 4-H). This year is different. I get to do whatever I want. I have sketched out a list of activities that feel like summer self care to me.

Hit the Beach

Pools are closed. And what screams summer more than going to the beach?

Free writing

Sitting down for 20 minutes and spilling your thoughts and ideas out in a journal is so therapeutic and destressing.

Foraging for Sea glass

A great activity while your at the beach. My local beach has tons of washed up sea glass. And orca whales are often spotted in the distance.


Grab some binoculars and a camera, a simple 300mm lens is all you need. Birding is a fun and getting a great shot is a well worth challenge.

Spend time in nature

Living in a world with constant noise and commotion gets overwhelming. Getting out and being in nature is so important to restore peace and makes me more efficient in everything I do.

Ice Cream

No guilt.


Take a step back, experience life away from screens and social media.

Create a plan

Life has been on pause in the last few months. This summer is a great time to lay out current goals and a rough draft of what you envision in the future.

Make time for relationships

Even if it’s just with family for now.

Binge watch Outer Banks

This popular new Netflix show has some hit beach vibes for summertime.

That’s my summer activity list for now. Stay healthy and enjoy these last few days of spring.

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Sincerely, Sophia

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