Things to do in Quarantine

I tested positive for not knowing whats going on in online classes..

Quarantine is a really wierd, confusing time for everyone. And many of us have a ton of extra time on our hands from the lack of events and work related activities during the day. And with all the news and fear surrounding us in the world right now, it’s easy to dive into unhealthy thoughts and emotions. I have compiled a handy dandy list of super fun and productive ways I have been spending my time this Quarantine.

Stay productive

It’s easy to just lay around in your pajamas all day. We all have those days. But getting dressed, making time to move, and making a daily to do list is important. It really helps with mental energy during the day.

Focus on self care

Everyone expresses self care differently. Whether you love reading, drawing, doing you makeup or taking a hike in the forest (etc.) Honor your urge to do what you love while social distancing.

Work on your hobbies

Pick up a new hobby or find something you love that want to get better at. Skills are super valuable in life. I have been working on polishing my graphic design skills this quarantine. Along with having extra time to go out in nature and experiment with photography. This time is the perfect excuse to pick up something you really want to do.

Spend more time in the kitchen

If you enjoy cooking (like I do) quarantine is great time to try out all those recipes saved on you pinterest. It’s fun, creative and who doesn’t love food?

Learn a new Language

There has never been a better time to tackle such daunting task. If you’ve been yearning to learn a new language but just never found a time or good excuse to do so. There has never been a better time then now.

Binge watch TV shows

My family never had Netflix. Until quarantine. Now i’m addicted to Stranger Things, just like every other highschool/middleschooler. But seriously. This is a great way to completely forget about the world and dive into a new one. Figuratively.

Read Books

Reading is so healthy. It improves your intellect and grammar. If you’re a book person, this time is an amazing, disturbance free binge readers dream. Iv’e personally loved reading the Divergence series this Quarantine.

Time outside

Staying inside all day can be great and fun. But it’s important to get outside and move your body. Go on a short walk, or go on a hike in a new place. Importantly, somewhere you wont see a ton of people. My hometown in Washington state has a ton of nature trails. I have been trail riding my sweet mare Sunny a lot lately. It’s a great way to catch the breeze and sunshine on these gorgeous spring days.

Pen to paper

Drawing, painting or writing are perfect past times when your feeling overwhelmed and down about the situation. It’s a great way to reflect and calm your thoughts and emotions. Keeping my daily journal has been a great anti anxiety activity.

Zoom party

If you’re completely fed up with social distancing. And tired of finding things to do alone. Invite your friends to a facetime or host a zoom party. Talk about plans for summer, how your teacher wants you to write a 100 page paper, how the world wants to end etc. It’s a great way to socialize while social distancing.

Thats my List! Stay safe and healthy during this crazy time.

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Sincerely, Sophia

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